CarMedia Solutions

CarMedia Cloud

  1. Back-end central system
  2. Remote clients update
  3. Real time analysis
  4. Operation & Maintenance

CarMedia Cloud is the back-end system aiming to monitor remotely, in real time and centrally, all the CarMedia Hub deployed screens in a given area. It enables to control each single device and allows to have a Cloud environment where centralizing any required operation and maintenance.

The multimedia screens of CarMedia Hub clients installed in vehicles are permanently connected to CarMedia Cloud through a 4G connection. Therefore, they can be updated with the required contents at any moment, and UI can be modified as well according to metrics analysis.

CarMedia Cloud handles all the adaptation process between the multimedia contents provided by our Partners, and the embedded formats required by the remote devices. Together with real-time captured metrics and the local sensors information from screens, a posterior data analysis is issued considering a Big Data approach to generate the required reports for decision making.