CarMedia Solutions

CarMedia Hub

  1. Front-end interface
  2. Multimedia interactive experience
  3. Geolocated dynamic contents
  4. IA based digital services

CarMedia Hub is the platform element allowing users to watch information and geolocated entertainment contents in real time, that truly bring value in the scope of enriching mobility service through a unique interactive digital experience.

Developped technology encompasses from Hardware, with a specific adapted car mount together with a high-quality multimedia touch screen, to Software, represented by the end user front-end where contents are included (news, trailers, music videos, etc) as well as added value services (location, vocal translator, weather, etc).

The platform allows to explore more advanced options to offer an immersive experience based on the vehicle environment, so that VR or AR scenarios can be embedded, and even added value digital services based on AI (vocal interaction system, visual identification, etc).