CarMedia Solutions

CarMedia Solutions

Infotainment connected platform for the new smart mobility era


CarMedia was born on the vision that connected car and autonomous transportation will revolutionize mobility in urban areas, enabling the emergence of the “5th screen”.

Connected vehicles are transforming into a new interactive environment where passengers are an active element, and it is only the beginning.

In CarMedia we have created a digital content and services platform, specifically adapted to this new environment, allowing to satisfy current and future needs of this new audience in mobility.


Several studies estimate that in 2025, more than 10 million autonomous cars will be in our streets. Most of them taking passengers 24 hours a day and generating a new audience that could hit 60 billion available hours a day.

The birth of the “5th screen” will allow offering digital contents and services specifically adapted to this new mobility scenario, with an estimated economic impact of 200 billion dollars.

With the end-2-end CarMedia platform, mobility ecosystem players can begin to explore and experiment what users will be willing to consume in such environment.


Today, mobility solutions with drivers offer a passenger experience very similar with the one we will have in self-driving cars, where we all will become passengers. For this reason CarMedia propose the right technology to explore now the opportunities the “5th  screen” will bring to users.

CarMedia is a connected infotainment platform, with geolocated contents and added value digital services. The solution aims to deliver a best in class experience from the software up to the hardware, and is natively designed for interactive usage with passengers moving around.

CarMedia Hub

Front-end interface
Interactive experience
Dynamic contents
Digital services

CarMedia Cloud

Back-end system
Remote O&M management
Real time analysis
Centralized update

CarMedia Box

Standalone IoT solution
ARM/Intel SoM Technology
Public transport network
Explore new channels

CarMedia Services

Content integration
Format adaptation
Project management
Professional expertise


CarMedia is a Spanish startup with a clear focus on the future of mobility.
Each step has been confirming what expected and our mission to bring the “5th screen” to life has only begun.

February 2017

MWC'17 Barcelona

CarMedia platform public launch in the Mobile World Congress, equipping Cabify local fleet, integrating Ajuntament de Barcelona points of interest, with Samsung as hardware partner.

April 2017

Mecal'17 Vote

Visualization and selection of the best animation short during Mecal Film Festival de Barcelona. Integrated digital voting system for Cabify Barcelona passengers during their rides.

June 2017

Festivals Summer'17

Barcelona Summer music festivals viewed Live during the rides, sponsored by Red Bull, available in Full HD within the interactive CarMedia screens for Cabify Barcelona customers.

October 2017

Startup Madrid_10

CarMedia was one of the awarded startups in the 2nd edition of Innovation awards sponsored by Madrid City Hall and the Madrid Corporate Forum.

April 2018

5G Multimedia

Worldwide first 5G connectivity in mobility with high definition contents, inside an autonomous vehicle from EasyMile, with Telefónica as network host, Ericsson as infrastructure provider, and the CarMedia digital interactive platform for passengers.

October 2018

TechDays 2018

International project that has allowed to integrate the CarMedia platform with its interactive and georeferenced multimedia contents, inside an autonomous shuttle from EasyMile moving in the city of Aveiro (Portugal), using the network connectivity of Altice and the "On the road to 5G" equipments from Ericsson.

November 2018

Madrid Imperdible

Thanks to CarMedia platform, the city of Madrid is embedded digitally in an autonomous vehicle from EasyMile to allow an interactive multimedia experience for passengers in mobility.

May 2019

5G Roaming

CarMedia technological platform has been used in a new historic milestone for the Telco and Automotive sector: the first 5G International Roaming inside Peugeot and Toyota vehicles, driving between Spain and Portugal, all powered with Ericsson equipments in the Vodafone network.


In CarMedia our objective is to lead the digital transformation of transportation, with our sights set on the coming autonomous driving, and explore with our partners the fundamentals of the “5th screen”.

Continuous evolution

CarMedia platform is continuously evolving with the main objective to explore, innovate and execute.

Our proposal approach allows us to maximize the potential business through an end-to-end solution involving several ecosystems: Mobility, Connectivity, Contents and Marketing.

If you want to be part of this vision, contact us.


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