CarMedia Solutions


CarMedia was born on the vision that connected car and autonomous transportation in general will revolutionize mobility in urban areas, enabling the emergence of the “5th screen”.

The impact of the fifth screen in the society will be similar with the one we have today with our Smartphone, that became the fourth screen we use every day. Following the PC that was the third screen, Television that was the second, and of course the first one that born with the Cinema.
CarMedia Solutions - The Five Screens

The arrival of self-driving cars will imply usage of several embedded technologies enabling drivers to become passengers, and digitalize all the driving function making it safer and more efficient. All the information generated by sensors, perimetric cameras, or even Radars and Lidars installed on board, meaning the complete range of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) equipments will enable full autonomy reaching level 5 (no wheel, no brakes, no human intervention).

If we add the V2X "Vehicular to Everything" connectivity, based on 4G, or even better, based on the future 5G with almost null latency, we will then see a scenario with autonomous vehicles continuously interconnected between themselves and with the other city elements, the so called “Smart city”. Safety levels will therefore be even increased as information will allow to anticipate beyond sensors detection. At the end, autonomous connected car will be the major expression of the IoT ecosystem.

In CarMedia we are convinced that on top of this technical layer focused on autonomous driving, another innovation area will appear, focusing on the passengers inside those self-driving cars, enabling this mobile environment to become the real fifth screen. Passengers will thus access a vast array of digital services, some of them even based on IA, and of course a full set of infotainment solutions.

The car will convert into a living room extension where watching HD video contents with surround sound, and even enjoy new immersive VR and AR multimedia experiences. And to take maximum benefit of the time spent to travel to the office or to a meeting, the 5th screen of the autonomous car will become your office on wheels where to have a look, in full convenience on a full screen, to the last company data stored in the Cloud, or even having a video conference while sharing any kind of documents in real time.

For all this vision that we forsaw some years ago, in CarMedia we have built the foundations of what this 5th screen will be, creating the digital platform of contents and services specifically adapted for this new mobile environment, allowing to satisfy current and future needs of this new audience.