CarMedia Solutions


Anticipating from self-driving car emergence, and its corresponding audience, CarMedia has been specifically designed for a natural interactive usage by passengers during their rides.

Ride hailing with drivers represents the most similar experience to the one we will all have once autonomous driving come, where everyone will be passenger, and will emerge a new audience where the mobility component will be key.

Ride hailing or taxi. Or even public transport. CarMedia offers its proven technology to experiment and explore, from now, the opportunities the “5th screen” will bring to users.

CarMedia Solutions - Platform

CarMedia is a digital platform with proprietary algorithms, offering content and added value services for users according to their real-time location, centrally managed, updated remotely, and ready to be integrated in commercial devices or interactive screens with a specific IoT development.

With our in-house development, the solution is 100% customizable, modular, scalable, and can be adapted to any channel willing to offer an interactive multimedia experience to its audience in mobility.

With our B2B2C approach, CarMedia platform is oriented to sectors involving Mobility, Connectivity, Content and Marketing, that are willing to exploit an interactive end-to-end digital solution.

Our proved execution commitment and our deep experience allow us to offer a fruitful partnership for companies willing to be part now of mobility ecosystem, and explore the huge potential the “5th screen” implies.